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Since 1986, thanks to the founding brothers Alcide and Livio Berna, Aellebi has been developing and strengthening its presence in the plant engineering market, investing in new machinery, technologies and resources in the historical production site of Lumezzane.

With the entry of the younger generation, Fausto and Ruggero Berna, the company has headed to new development directions, horizontally (acquisitions) and vertically (expansion of the production site) so as to achieve more ambitious targets:

  • in 2019 the search for a new production site was completed, allowing to optimize both the production and the storage areas.
  • In July of the same year Aellebi acquires 100% of Valvorobica Industriale SpA, with which there was a historical business cooperation, allowing to significantly improve turnover and synergies to face new challenges.

Today the company operates in Castel Mella (BS) on an area of 8000sqm, 5000 of which are covered. Added to the production site is the area of 14000sqm (9500 covered) of the acquired company Valvorobica, located in Zanica (BG).

Behind the production there is much more.

The production division is constantly being developed and goes sometimes against the big traders of the European market. Indeed, the desire to give more value to what gave birth to the company – its own production – is preponderant.

Our more than forty-year-long Know-How as producers remains unchanged in our DNA.

Quality control is processed at every stage of production to prevent non-compliant products from being placed on the market.

The business management of Aellebi has always been led by the attention to a well-balanced administration, to the constant re-investment of the profits in the company and to the 360° market analysis.